MR2 REV 1/2 EL GLOW GARNISH (Bluetooth)

  • blenda-RGB-rev1

Remeber, first u make order, after i make garnish (typical 2-3 weeks) and after i confirm that i make garnish u make money transfer :)
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Modification changing the factory stamp in MR2 REV1 and REV2 (1989-1993) to Japanese, with backlight.

The factory solution was plugged into the position lights (and this plug is in the trunk on the side of the garnish – I recommend connecting under it), and it glowed red.

In my version I used RGB LEDs, controlled by Bluetooth android, so we have the option to choose any color from 16 million, of course settings are written after lights is off.
Also if u connect wires to stop light and reverse light, garnish will change color when u brake or drive reverse (RED/WHITE) - and and after it come back to color what u set.

The stamp itself and the diode plate are mounted on a strong two-sided tape, so if you want to return to the original stamp we will do it painlessly and without damaging the factory-made garnish (we have the option to set one of the 16mln  colors: white, red, blue, green, magnet, yellow, turquoise....

Optional inscription:

MR2, SW20, Turbo, 2GR-FE, 3S-GTE, 3S-GE, SW21, 3VZ-FE, 1MZ-FE, any other after consultation – price unchanged


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